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Building a Library of Design Resources


The key points from this assignment.

  • Start building a modest library of design books
  • Be guided by your interests and goals
  • Use the recommendations in this assignment as a starting point

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Design has a rich history, and we do well to immerse ourselves in the wisdom of those who’ve mastered design before us.

It’s a good idea to begin building a modest library of books about design. They’re great for reference when you’re researching how others have tackled design problems, and having them visible on your bookshelf can also inspire you to keep going when you feel stuck.

How you begin building your library is up to you, and it will depend on your goals for the course, what area of design you’re particularly interested in, and how much money you want to spend.

Check out our list of recommendations below, and start putting together your own stack of resources!

Graphic Design

Digital Product Design (also known as UX/UI Design)

Design Process

Design Ethics and Design Manifestos

Focus and Productivity

Other useful books

In conclusion...

As you move through the course, you might also want to refer to our further resources page — but be careful not to go down too many rabbit holes.

Up next is another icebreaker exercise. It’s time to describe your idea of design!

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