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Part 1

Introduction to Design

You’ll cover:

  • What this course is about, and how to succeed
  • Exercises to audit your current skills and set some goals
  • What design is, and what it isn’t

Total time: 6 hours

Work through the assignments in order.
Links turn grey once you’ve opened them.


Get started

1. Welcome to Baseline!
Intro 5 minutes

2. The Baseline philosophy
Intro 5 minutes

3. What you need for this course
Intro 5 minutes

4. Start sketching
Icebreaker 1 hour

How to succeed

5. How to succeed with this course
Read 5 minutes

6. Embrace imposter syndrome
Read 5 minutes

7. Six great designers who taught themselves
Read 5 minutes

8. How you can get good at design
Read 10 minutes

Set your goals

9. Assess your existing skills
Icebreaker 1 hour

10. Set some personal goals
Icebreaker 30 minutes

11. Building a library of design resources
Read 10 minutes

What is design?

12. Describe your idea of design
Icebreaker 30 minutes

13. What design is (and isn’t)
Read 10 minutes

14. Identify some design problems
Icebreaker 1 hour

15. What are professional design skills?
Read 10 minutes


16. Reflection on Part 1
Reflect 30 minutes


Finished Part 1? Nice work!

In Part 2, you’ll learn about, practise, and apply different design principles.

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