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Introduction to Design

Part 1    6 hours

Introduction to Design

Get started by celebrating your existing skills and setting some personal goals. After that, it’s time to explore the definition of design!


Part 2    10 hours

Design Principles

Learn about visual, usability, and ethical principles, then complete some exercises and design briefs to help you apply them.


Part 3    8 hours

Tools, Workflow, and Collaboration

Complete an overview of design software, start learning Figma, and cover some tips for workflow, productivity, and collaboration.


Graphic Design

Part 4    15 hours

Graphic Design Basics

After a bit of history and a lesson on the design process, discover how to use typography, colour, and layout effectively.


Part 5    30 hours

Applied Graphic Design

Discover how the basics apply to brand, editorial, and information design, and complete guided design brief for each one.


Part 6    45 hours

Graphic Design Portfolio Briefs

Bring together your learning so far to complete three realistic, independent design projects that you can include in a portfolio.


Digital Product Design

Coming soon

Part 7    15 hours

User Experience (UX) Design

Cover product design essentials, including how to conduct user research, and create task flows, wireframes, and prototypes.


Coming soon

Part 8    30 hours

User Interface (UI) Design

See how to transform your task flows and wireframes into finished landing pages, websites, and mobile app designs.


Coming soon

Part 9    45 hours

Digital Product Design Portfolio Briefs

Prepare to show off your new UX/UI design skills by developing three independent product design projects for your portfolio.