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10 Free Snazzy, Sleek, and Spiky Serifs on Google Fonts

Andrew Wilshere
Founder & Lead Coach
24th June 2021

Image credit: Jackie Zhao


With so many interesting serifs available for free on Google Fonts, why be boring?

In this post, we’re sharing 10 of our favourite free serif typefaces. They’re not all suitable for use in long passages of body text, but each one of them could spice up some lettering or logos in your next project. Enjoy!


1. Della Respira

Della Respira type specimen

Designer: Nathan Willis

Description: Della Respira is a revival of the 1913 Della Robbia typeface by American Type Founders, based on T.M. Cleland’s typeface of the same name.

Download or configure Della Respira

2. BioRhyme

BioRhyme type specimen

Designer: Aoife Mooney

Description: BioRhyme has two widths — a normal family and an expanded family. Each family contains five weights, and both are intended for use at large and medium text sizes.

Download or configure BioRhyme

3. Montaga

Montaga type specimen

Designer: Alejandra Rodriguez

Description: Montaga is an Old Style font, inspired by Venetian calligraphy.

Download or configure Montaga

4. Bellefair

Bellefair type specimen

Designers: Nick Shinn, Liron Lavi Turkenic (Hebrew script)

Description: Bellefair is a beautiful serif with exaggerated ascenders and a low x-height. This makes it more suitable for display use than for extended reading at small sizes.

Download or configure Bellefair

5. Balthazar

Balthazar type specimen

Designer: Dario Manuel Muhafara

Description: Based on copperplate lettering, Balthazar is intricate enough for display use, while its x-height and overall clarity also make it suitable for body text.

Download or configure Balthazar

6. Hepta Slab

Hepta Slab type specimen

Designer: Mike LaGattuta

Description: Hepta Slab is a slab-serif revival based on specimens of antique genre types. The light and heavy weights are suitable for display use, and the middle weights are suitable for body text.

Download or configure Hepta Slab

7. Alice

Alice type specimen

Designers: Ksenia Erulevich, Cyreal

Description: Alice is a friendly, eccentric serif inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”.

Download or configure Alice

8. Marcellus

Marcellus type specimen

Designer: Astigmatic

Description: Marcellus is a flared serif with great visual clarity, making it suitable for both print and screen.

Download or configure Marcellus

9. Cormorant

Cormorant type specimen

Designer: Catharsis Fonts (Christian Thalmann)

Description: Influenced by Garamond, Cormorant is a display serif with many different styles and weights.

Download or configure Cormorant

10. Quattrocento

Quattrocento type specimen

Designer: Impallari Type (Pablo Impallari)

Description: Quattrocento is a Roman typeface with wide, open letterforms, and a large x-height. Suitable for both body text and display use.

Download or configure Quattrocento


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