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10 Fun, Funky & Free Display Typefaces on Google Fonts

Andrew Wilshere
Founder & Lead Coach
23rd June 2021

Image credit: Ulf Bodin


As well as sensible serifs and sans-serifs, Google Fonts also hosts some great “display” typefaces.

All display fonts are designed for use at large sizes, like on billboards, on signs, and in headlines. Many display faces also have exuberant letterforms and exaggerated details. Here are 10 of our favourites!


1. Shrikhand

Shrikhand type specimen

Designer: Jonny Pinhorn

Download or configure Shrikhand

2. Fredoka One

Fredoka One type specimen

Designer: Milena Brandao

Download or configure Fredoka One

3. Fruktur

Fruktur type specimen

Designer: Viktoriya Grabowska

Download or configure Fruktur

4. Oi

Oi type specimen

Designer: Kostas Bartsokas

Download or configure Oi

5. Rakkas

Rakkas type specimen

Designer: Zeynep Akay

Download or configure Rakkas

6. Ultra

Ultra type specimen

Designer: Astigmatic

Download or configure Ultra

7. Yatra One

Yatra One type specimen

Designer: Catherine Leigh Schmidt

Download or configure Yatra One

8. Kavoon

Kavoon type specimen

Designer: Viktoriya Grabowska

Download or configure Kavoon

9. Erica One

Erica One type specimen

Designer: Miguel Hernandez

Download or configure Erica One

10. Corben

Corben type specimen

Designer: Vernon Adams

Download or configure Corben


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