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10 Underrated Free Sans-Serif Typefaces on Google Fonts

Andrew Wilshere
Founder & Lead Coach
22nd June 2021

Image credit: Ron Dauphin


Google Fonts is a massive resource, but we see the same few typefaces used in thousands of projects.

In this blog post, check out our curated list of 10 attractive, under-used sans-serif fonts that are available for free through Google’s font library.


1. DM Sans

DM Sans type specimen

Designers: Colophon Foundry, Jonny Pinhorn, Indian Type Foundry

Description: DM Sans is a low-contrast geometric sans serif design, intended for use at smaller text sizes.

Download or configure DM Sans

2. Lexend

Lexend type specimen

Designers: Bonnie Shaver-Troup, Thomas Jockin, Santiago Orozco, Héctor Gómez

Description: Initially designed with dyslexia and struggling readers in mind, Lexend is intended to reduce visual stress and improve reading performance.

Download or configure Lexend

3. Chakra Petch

Chakra Petch type specimen

Designers: Cadson Demak

Description: Chakra Petch is a square sans serif with tapered corners, and supports both Thai and Latin script.

Download or configure Chakra Petch

4. IBM Plex Sans

DM Sans type specimen

Designers: Mike Abbink, Bold Monday

Description: IBM Plex Sans is a neutral yet friendly grotesk sans-serif, and one-third of the IBM Plex superfamily (the other fonts being IBM Plex Serif and IBM Plex Mono).

Download or configure IBM Plex Sans

5. Space Grotesk

Space Grotesk type specimen

Designers: Florian Karsten

Description: Space Grotesk is a proportional sans-serif typeface variant based on Colophon Foundry’s fixed-width Space Mono family.

Download or configure Space Grotesk

6. Balsamiq Sans

Balsamiq type specimen

Designers: Michael Angeles

Description: Balsamiq Sans is a sans-serif font in handwritten style, originally created for the Balsamiq wireframing tool.

Download or configure Balsamiq Sans

7. Questrial

Questrial type specimen

Designers: Joe Prince, Laura Meseguer

Description: Questrial is a geometric sans-serif with some added grotesk flavour.

Download or configure Questrial

8. Epilogue

Epilogue type specimen

Designers: Tyler Finck, ETC

Description: Epilogue is a sans serif variable font with a weight axis, nine weights, upright and italic.

Download or configure Epilogue

9. Archivo

Archivo type specimen

Designers: Héctor Gatti, Omnibus Type

Description: Archivo is a grotesk sans-serif reminiscent of late nineteenth century American typefaces.

Download or configure Archivo

10. Sen

Sen type specimen

Designers: Kosal Sen

Description: Sen is a geometrically constructed sans-serif with a sensible, friendly appearance.

Download or configure Sen


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