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Baseline, The Free Design Bootcamp, Launches Today!

Andrew Wilshere
Founder & Lead Coach
7th June 2021

Image credit: Baseline Team


We’re delighted to announce the launch of Baseline, the free design bootcamp.

After twelve months of intensive development, the course is now live  . It’s available to everyone at no cost — no signup required!

In this blog post, you can discover why we created Baseline, how our approach is different, and how you can get started.


Why we created Baseline

When we began this project, we were unhappy with three things about online design education:

❯  It’s expensive. Many “affordable” design bootcamps still cost thousands — making them inaccessible to the students most in need of access.

❯  It’s often low quality. Some online design courses use outdated content recycled from other websites — and charge you to access it.

❯  It’s spammy. We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling pretty done with endless email marketing.

What we did differently

Free materials.

100% of the coursework   on our site is available free. We don’t ask you to provide an email address or create an account.

Truly affordable coaching.

We also offer coaching   via chat, audio, or video call. Help is available on a session-by-session basis, which means you don’t have to commit to a whole package of coaching to access expert support. Sessions start at just €30.

Free coaching for those who can’t pay.

Through our free sessions programme  , we reserve 20% of our coaching hours each month for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay.

High quality, in-house content.

Our entire curriculum has been created from scratch — designed, written, and reviewed by expert designers and educators, with all external sources referenced and acknowledged.

No spammy email marketing.

We don’t collect email addresses or send out any email marketing. If you think you might find this site useful and want to remember us, please bookmark this site in your browser.

You’re also invited to join our free Slack community  , where you can discuss all things design, and get feedback from our team and fellow Baseline students.

How you can get started

Simply head to the course page, and begin Part 1. Enjoy!


Want to find out more before exploring the course? Here on the blog you can also find a guided tour, and some more information about our coaching service.

Prefer to subscribe?

Been considering a design course?

All of our course materials have been created in-house by expert educators. They’re available, in full, for free.

We don’t ask for your email address, or make you create an account.

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