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How Baseline’s Coaching Service Works

Andrew Wilshere
Founder & Lead Coach
7th June 2021

Image credit: Baseline Team


Our coaching service offers truly affordable feedback on your work, and expert guidance on how to move forward.

Although most design bootcamps offer some form of design mentorship, the service is often expensive, and tends to require people to make a financial commitment to a whole programme of coaching.

As a business, we’ve designed the Baseline course in a way that minimises our running costs. This allows us to offer inexpensive, on-demand coaching, and free sessions to those who can’t pay.

You can book a coaching session at any point, but you’ll usually get the most out of a session if you come prepared with readings to discuss, work to present, or questions to ask.

Booking a session is easy — simply head to our Coaching page, select an option, and complete payment. Finally, click the link in your confirmation email to schedule the session.

How you can get started

Simply head to the course page, and begin Part 1. Enjoy!


Want to find out more before exploring the course? Here on the blog you can also find our launch post, and a guided tour of the Baseline curriculum.

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